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Šplíchal, s.r.o.
Lidická 403/III
563 01 Lanškroun
Tel.: 465 325 188
mobil.: 602 446 488
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About Us

We are offering the production of very precise parts of tools and of spare parts from tool steels and from hard metals. We are concentrated in shaped and CNC profiled grinding with a high accuracy.

The production is realised in new, modern rooms equipped with special machines that are operated by our expert with great skill and long-accumulated fund of experiences. For the drawing of technical drawings and for precise enlargements aimed to the machines PeTeWe we are using in our firm the construction software AutoCad. For the measurement of our products we are using certificated measuring instruments MITUTOYO.

In the year 2001 we have introduced to the improvement of the management level and of the following of the quality the system ISO 9002.
In the year 2003 we're system ISO 9002 re-certify on system CSN EN ISO 9001:2001


2010: Vítáme Vás na nových webových stránkách nástrojárny Šplíchal, s.r.o.

2008: Zakládáme nové pracoviště pro třískové obrábění. Prvním strojem je CNC fréza Tajmac ZPS 1050 B.